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HAP - across hesse


The project is supported by:

HAP - across hesse

next Funding period: 01.03.2025-28.02.2027

HAP across Hesse is primarily adressed to creative people who live and work in Hesse outside of Frankfurt am Main. The aim is to support artists, collectives and studio communities located primarily in northern and eastern Hesse. This includes artists with spaces in rural areas, but also studios that are maintained or newly occupied in cities such as Offenbach, Kassel, Gießen or Fulda. For artists living and working in Frankfurt, the HAP Studio Programme is a good option.

The subsidy is granted in two ways: 

  • The amount of the subsidy depends on the number of square meters, but a maximum of 50% of the standard local basic rent is covered. 
  • A scholarship of 150 euros per month is paid regardless of the size and basic rent of the workspace. 

Artists supported by HAP across Hesse are invited to participate in events of the HAP Mentoring Programme in Frankfurt. The support is limited to two years, subsequent applications are possible. The funding is awarded by a external jury of experts.

Funding requirements

  • outstanding artistic profile
  • participation in exhibitions and events as well as an active artistic production
  • a university degree relevant to the field and no enrollment at a university at the start of the programme
  • main residence in Hesse at the beginning of programme

Application documents

  • Completely filled out application form
  • CV
  • Portfolio of works (max. 16 pages)
  • Proof of use of space outside Frankfurt am Main; for funding based on rent, the rental or usage contract for the space to be funded must be submitted: The rental period (latest start of rental 01.03.2024) and the person to be subsidized must be named here
  • Digital version in one file (pdf, max. 5 mb)
  • File name consisting of first name+last name+HAP-hessenweit

The application documents must be submitted digitally by e-mail in English or German.

Digitally to:
Subject: First name + last name + application HAP-hessenweit

Only applications that are complete and formally correct can be considered. For the return of the application documents, please enclose a stamped and addressed envelope.

On the jury are:

  • Anna-Cathérine Koch
  • Julia Mihály
  • Ursula Schöndeling

Supported artists
Year 2024
Joey Arand
X Breidenbach
Laura Hicks
Raphaël Languillat

Year 2023:
Romina Abate
Nicole Ahland
Ateliergemeinschaft Grüner Weg 40
Philipp Benkert
Christine Biehler
Monika Bodenmüller
Karsten Bott
Patrick David Brockmann
Max Brück
Andreas Diefenbach
Janosch Feiertag & Sarah Metz
Verena Freyschmidt
Tanja Jürgensen
Katrin Leitner-Peter
Carolin Liebl & Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler
Paula Mierzowsky
Paul Pape
Charlotte Rahn
RHO Kollektiv
Moritz Schneidewendt

Year 2022:
Nikolaus Kockel
Raphaël Languillat
Juliane Mahler
Liska Schwermer-Funke

Year 2021:
Romina Abate
Nicole Ahland
Christine Biehler
Max Brück
Eva Bullermann
Andreas Diefenbach
Anna Hoffmann
Anna Holzhauer
Holger Jenss
Tanja Jürgensen
Ericson Krüger
Katrin Leitner-Peter
Carolin Liebl / Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler
Benjamin Loch
Charlotte Rahn
Günter Stangelmayer
Markus Stein
Robert Sturmhoevel

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