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Searching for devices
Mikkel Carl, Martijn Hendriks, Angelika Loderer, Harry Sanderson, Daniel Stempfer
20.02.2015 to 19.04.2015


Thursday, 19.02.2015 - 7:00 pm

opening hours

tuesday - friday
11.00 - 19.00

saturday, sunday
12.00 - 18.00


basis e.V. Gutleutstraße 8-12 60329 Frankfurt am Main

We are delighted to present the exhibition Searching for devices from 20.02. to 19.04.2015  - and would like to invite you to the opening on February 19, 2015 at 7 pm.

A great many networks, complex structures, and micro-systems surrounding us are linked with each other via dynamic systems. What appear to be fixed shapes and materials turn out to be entities or complexities determined by the behavior of their immanent components. As products of the interaction of external processes and their ability to self-organize, they have the constant potential to reposition themselves at different levels, to merge with each other, or even to break asunder.

The works presented in the exhibition Searching for Devices engage with various aspects and behaviors of dynamic processes. The action paths and interconnections of systems for the most part concealed and invisible yet inextricably interrelated in our everyday reality are decoded at narrative, material, and conceptual levels to render structures and processes visible. Boundaries between the supposedly immaterial and material, between inside and outside, digital and analogue, physical and mental, dissolve and are examined from new angles. Through the interactions of heterogeneous materials and systems new forms and possibilities arise, whereby an intrinsic element of instability inheres in the new objects. The works thus retain process as a potential and hence the option of creating new self-contained, albeit as yet unrealized, entities.

Participating artists:

Mikkel Carl
Martijn Hendriks
Angelika Loderer
Harry Sanderson
Daniel Stempfer

curated by Gislind Köhler

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