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Ceramic oven and Workshop at basis



YOUR'RE FIRED!“ is a workshop dedicated to the creative making of ceramics. The small but well equipped workshop includes a ceramic oven and a potter’s wheel, as well as many tools and materials needed for creating ceramics.

Details on the oven:
Depth: 50 cm, width: 40 cm, height: 50 cm
Fires up to 1280 c, has a controller

Prices for burning in the oven:
Basis residents: Whole oven: 30 eur. Single objects: price upon request.            
Price for external guests: Whole oven: 60 eur. Single objects: price upon request.

If you would like to know more, please drop a line to:

With the kind support of Kulturamt Frankfurt and Künstlerhilfe e.V., photo credits: Lisa Diandra Krueger