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Production Support

Based on an innovative and for the most part self-supporting model basis is able to aid creative producers in the early phase of their professional career by making workrooms available at prices far below the current local rents.

The offer is addressed in particular to ambitious young artists and creative producers from applied disciplines.

The basis support program comprises a range of facilities, offers, and opportunities for networking for the use of creative producers who receive support.

Applying for a Studio

Studios are allocated exclusively on the basis of a written application for a currently advertized vacant studio.

Please do not send blind applications as they cannot be considered.

The studios that basis offers are sponsored workspaces. The offer is addressed in particular to young artists and creative producers in pure and applied branches in the early phase of their professional career.

The sponsored studios are available for a period of 6 years. An extension is only possible in exceptional cases.

A representative portfolio must be submitted by email as a PDF attachment. It is important that it convey clearly the professional direction in which you aim to develop.

Further, the application form (linked in the announcement) must also be completed and sent in as a Word or PDF attachment.

Please do not phone us with your inquiries. After the closing date for applications we will contact you to arrange a viewing appointment.

2 studios for rent

1 studio, 12,6 qm, 110 rent (including all costs)
location Gutleutstraße, 2nd floor
available from July 1st, 2017

1 studio, 13 qm,  101 rent (including all costs)
location Elbestraße, 5th floor
available from July 1st, 2017


application deadline: June 23th, 2017
viewing appointment: June 26th, 2017, 4 pm, Foyer Gutleutstraße

Renting a studio includes the optional use of the screenprint and wood workshop and the projectspace in the Elbestraße.

applications (plus application form!) including a short portfolio of your work must be send to:

application form

Please do not call during the application period. We will mail you shortly after the application deadline ends.

basis provides studios for young professionals that work in the field of fine art, design, photography and other creative diciplines.
The contracts of all artists and creative professionals are valid for 6 years. Artist who aim to use the studio over and above are encouraged to apply again after the time limit of six years is expired. Designer and other young creative professionals who use the studio to establish themselves as self-epmloyed person on the free market, receives a renewal of their contracts just in exceptional cases.

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